Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I worked for 3 years at a dating agency,  so I’m always interested in things like this video by OK cupid.  I went to a talk given by one of the OK Cupid founders once and was fascinated – they have so much data,  so many millions of interactions,  you can see patterns writ large. 

What I find today is that people often get confused by what I call the Pride and Prejudice principle. In the 1800’s, society was structured so that everyone you met was of the same religious, educational and socioeconomic background, and if you felt sexual attraction, that was the green light to go ahead and fall in love.

However today, you meet someone and have great sexual attraction, it’s not a green light at all – you still have to check if your goals and values are the same, if you want to create the same sort of future/relationship together.  Things are far less homogeneous now,  which is a good thing,  we are meeting a far more diverse and interesting group of people,  but it also means that romantic love is harder – just because you feel a strong attraction, you don’t necessarily have the foundation to hold it together once the intense fire of the attraction banks to a glow… 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Recording the readings

A while ago I did a reading for a 27 year old woman, bored at work but they are paying for her to complete her masters, so she knows she has another two years there.  Her issue is that she is searching for a stable relationship, but she is not finding it.

The reading ended with a moving talk about her mother. She drew 2 of cups for her - they love each other, but also she feels judged, her mother is always hassling her to get married. But she wants it too, they are on the same page, it’s just that she hasn't met anyone.  So she just has to say that - I want stability and love too, it’s a sadness for me that I haven’t found it yet, and her mother will settle down.  She told me she wished she had recorded the reading after that discussion.   

Now I always encourage people to record the readings.  Initially I didn’t care so much, but I get such frequent feedback about it, that people often listen to the reading a couple of times, that it was very helpful, that now I really try to get everyone to do it.  If you don’t want it, you can delete it, but if you do want it, and you don’t have it, then there is nothing to be done…   

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saying what I see…

I had a reading the other day where a girl asked me about work – it was clear that her current job no longer excited her and it was time to move on.  She had a job in mind and I always say tell me as little as possible, so that the cards can speak more clearly, just think of it as Job A. 

The cards were not good – tower / 7 cups /10 pentacle reversed.  I shook my head and her face just fell – she had been on several interviews with them already and the vibe had felt so right!  I hate giving bad news to people, but I always say what I see in the cards. 

We had a long talk about other job options and how she should position herself.  Then the next day I got an email from her – she spoke to them and they are suspending Job A for the time being, hiring no one… but she told me that because of our reading she felt able to handle the conversation and she knew that she would get a better job soon – the cards were clear on that count too – she ended with the Queen of Pentacles. 

A good tarot reading won’t always tell you what you want to hear,  but it should help you handle what happens better…

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lovely Cups

Every so often I come across a new deck/interpretation of a card which helps me deepen my understanding of the cards.  I always encourage people to google or pinterest an important card,  to see if they can find a version that speaks to them,  because each artist has something to contribute,  and sometimes one version just says it the most clearly to you.

I recently came across Phantomwise tarot on pinterest and really enjoyed how they envisioned the cups suite. They had such a cute 2 of cups,  that I just wanted to share it with you - the 2 of cups is a card of equal love,  of both of you putting the same amount/kind of energy into the relationship -  and these rabbits with their sweetness leaning towards each other just made me smile. 

And then their 10 of cups was equally bright and charming -  this is often the happy ever after family card,  and here are all the rabbits, a family together,  drinking tea... 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Magic of the Magician

After every reading, I write the cards you drew on a post card, so you can remember them and, if you wish,  you can look them up on this blog or elsewhere to explore them further. 

I did a reading recently where the girl brought last readings postcard with her.   She asked about her relationship and drew the Magician:- her boyfriend is a magician, a bit slippery but with some magic,  some sleight of hand and some misdirection, voila, he call pull the rabbit out of the hat. It’s a great card for someone wanting to succeed in New York. 

And then I glanced at her old card,  and saw that last September, she had drawn exactly the same card about him. 

That’s why I love the cards,  he was the magician then, he’s still the magician now,  it’s way beyond chance that she should keep drawing the same card to describe him…  (and she agreed with the description,  ‘it’s very him’ ) 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Thinking too loud…

I did a reading recently for a woman and ended with the 8 of cups, walking away with wisdom, and she told me she wanted to leave New York City and go somewhere else.  ‘Like Denver?’ I asked.  And she and her friend looked at me, spooked, and said, we were just talking Denver before we came to you.  And I laughed and said well you must have been thinking a bit too loudly and I picked it up.

I can’t read minds and I definitely can’t get readings off objects.  But occasionally, if you have just been talking/worrying about something, I happen to say it in the next sentence.  I know I do this because people often comment on it.   There is something about focusing on the cards, and on the person, which settles me and if you are broadcasting, I can pick it up; which is why I only do 3 readings a day – to keep the focus sharp. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sometimes the idea of ending is worse than the reality

Irina Charny,  Solititude 
I did a reading recently for one of my regulars, who has been going through a very difficult patch with her boyfriend.  He was treating her more and more badly as his parents’ disapproval of the relationship hardened.  She would often weep during readings, asking if it would all turn out okay.  The cards were not reassuring. 

I hadn’t seen her for about 6 months when she came again, and her cards were so much brighter this time,   she had found her Queen ofSwords and her outcome was the Knight of Cups, she is riding in the right direction. How had she turned the relationship around? 

Irina Charny,  Fortuna
The answer was that she hadn’t. She had finally broken up with him.  And as often turns out, the idea of breaking up with him was much more terrifying than the reality.  She had clung to a difficult and demoralizing relationship out of love but also fear.  And when she finally broke it off (after finding out he was seeing another girl at the same time!) she felt relieved and empowered.  And her cards were much more hopeful, the King of Pentacles hovering in the possible outcome.  

Irina Charny Journey

And isn't Irina Charny a genius?  I just love her artwork!