Monday, May 18, 2015

Which Tarot Deck do I use for your reading?

People often ask me which Tarot Decks I prefer.  I own several, but the one I use most consistently for readings is the Rider Waite Deck.  It’s the most popular one, the one that many books are based on – and many other tarot designs play off.  I replace my deck about once a year or sooner if I see they are getting frayed.   I actually use the Rider Waite Radiant, which is identical to the traditional Rider Waite deck but with prettier/brighter colors.

If you are very familiar with the Rider Waite, you might find the New Vision deck by Lo Scarabeo charming – it shows the expected Rider Waite drawings, but from behind, giving them a cheekier perspective.

I love that there are so many variations out there, so many different perspectives to see.  Above is the wonderful Housewives Tarot.  That devil card is perfect!

I have been doing more and more skype readings lately.  I still need you to shuffle the cards, so I encourage people to buy or borrow a deck, then they do the shuffling and lay out and I do the interpretation.  It doesn’t matter to me which deck people use but if you are new to tarot, then the Rider Waite is usually the best place to start.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tarot and Tattoos

I love tattoos, I'm fascinated by them, by the idea of etching something onto my skin.  I have a pintrest page full of them, collecting them on line before I  chose the perfect one to go on me (I actually think one is too hard to chose, and I may have to have go with three... )
The other day I was in a cafĂ© and the waiter had a tattoo of the 3 of swords on his arm.  I've seen it before and still think that's a hard card to carry around all the time.  (this is a photo from the 'net,  I didn't want to ask him for one)
But it got me thinking - if you were going to have a tattoo of a tarot card, what would you choose… 

These are beautiful cards,  but I don't know if I want them on my arms either... I think I either want something very subtle

or completely over the top


Monday, May 4, 2015

Difficult Days

Everyone has difficult days from time to time.  Sometimes you might feel agitated, anxious or tense.  Sometimes you even know why!  If this is a weekly or more often event, you need to see a doctor/therapist and discuss deeper reasons and medications. 

But if this is just before an exam, or taking a complicated trip, or a difficult meeting, I often recommend two tablets – Suntheanine and Pharma GABA I’ve always used the Natural Factors brand. I’ve been taking them and recommending them for years and never had negative feedback.  They are not addictive and don’t give you a high or make you foggy.  You just take them and about half an hour later,  you just realize you are not as agitated as you were before.

The other thing I do is read Humans of New York,  which invariably puts me in a better mood with more hope for humanity.  

Wishing you a happy day!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A new way to see the Page of Cups

Every so often I am wandering about the internet and I come across an image that just speaks to me,  and lets me see a card in a new way.

Traditionally,  the page looks into his cup and sees a fish - something unexpected,  something more creative,  someone who is out of the box.  The Page of Cups doesn't always fit in with everyone else's expectations,  but that's okay,  because he can dream up his own.

And I looked at this, and saw the mermaid talking to the bird and thought what a beautiful,  feminine version of the page of cups.  I don't know who drew this or if they knew anything of the tarot at all (that's what happens when you go fishing in the internet, all provenance is lost... ) but it just reminded me so sweetly of this card,  that I thought I would share it with you,  and if any one draws the Page of Cups in an important position,  they can see this and it might help them better feel the energy of the card.

New York Dreams

A client told me recently that she had read somewhere that there is a recurring dream that many New Yorkers have.  Can you guess what it is? 
It’s about closet space. 
The second she told me, I laughed,  it’s true… more closet space is something we all dream about here!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fears for the Future

When I watched the excellent movie Her, it was all of my fears for the future, writ large.  It’s essentially a film about people becoming more attracted to their intuitive phone systems than to other, unreliable people. And why wouldn’t you be attached to something that is always available to you,  always interested,  and has no needs of its own, is only a programed need to serve you. 

And then I saw this really interesting ted talk the other day - where Sherry Turkle talks about her fears of how people are losing the art of conversation, of talking with uncomfortable pauses and a lack of control over what happens next, that text and email preempts.

One thing I love about readings is the focus of them. There are no phones, no distractions.  It’s a conversation that is alive and present.   This is of value to me, and to those who come to me, who often comment on how they feel heard, and seen, in a way that doesn’t happen often to them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Want to know what your future holds..

Tarot explores the present to see how it colors the future.  It can’t answer questions about the future without addressing the here and now.  Especially when dealing with complex issues – love, relationships, work quests - what we are doing now really creates the future.

I did a reading for a woman recently who kept saying,  yes, yes,  I know all this,  but when will my love life change,  when will the perfect man come?  She didn’t want to explore her patterns; she just wanted a different outcome.

But without seeing the patterns, she didn’t know how to break them…  The future is cooking now, if you want to change the future, we need to see what ingredients we are putting in, and modify them; otherwise, the same meal will appear.

Beautiful artworks by Giedra Purlyte-Mazrimiene